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Should you enroll in SEO Course?

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Should you enroll in SEO Course?

We live in a digital world. Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. In a way, our lives and everything we do depends on technology. Google has changed the way we explore and find information. Social media has taken over how we share our experiences with the world. So, in a world that is so heavily reliant on technology you are going to want to have a way of marketing yourself and your business to this online audience in the best way possible. This is where SEO comes in. But I bet that you already knew all of that. You might know how important SEO is when it comes to marketing. But despite knowing how essential SEO is, many still struggle to wrap our heads around the idea of how it works and how we can practically apply it. There is a common perception of SEO being very complicated and hard to comprehend a thing. Many of us think that SEO is something akin to rocket science, and we will not be able to master it. And if any of us try to put in some time and effort to learn about it the chances are that we give up halfway through since the source material uses a lot of technical jargon that puts us off. All of this does not change the fact that if you are running a business and want to market it online, then you are going to at least have a basic understanding of what SEO is and how it works. We just might have the right solution for you. Our online SEO course just might make you the SEO expert that you have always wanted to be. Increasing traffic to your website and boosting your conversion rate will become a cakewalk for you, read on to find out how. 

Benefits of taking an SEO course

There are obvious advantages to taking a good SEO course. It can increase your conversion rate and generate more traffic to your website. All of this will improve your bottom line and make your business more profitable. Let’s take a look at some of the advantage of taking an online SEO course:

  • You will learn “how to do SEO”, it might seem inconsequential to you at the time, but it is a skill that you will want to have due to its long-term benefits. It will save you a ton of money in the long run since you will not have to hire any SEO consultants and you will not have to run paid ads. This will probably be the best ROI on any investment you ever make.
  • You will learn how to create backlinks and their importance for SEO.
  • You will be able to do on-page and off-page SEO.
  • You will be able to generate more traffic for your website.
  • You will be able to improve your conversion rate drastically.
  • You will become self-sufficient for your SEO needs. This is probably the biggest advantage of taking a good SEO course gives you.

SEO training is a must if you are looking to make a name for your business online. Search engine optimization is perhaps the most essential marketing skill that you need to have right now. Having your website rank favorably on Google is the most important thing in the age and time that we live in. If your website ranks on the first page, the chances are that your business will boom, and only SEO can help you do that. Taking an SEO course gives you practical knowledge that will help you grow your business and gain more exposure for your brand online. Conventional forms of marketing such as print media and television are comparatively really expensive. Online marketing gets you the most exposure per dollar. That being said if you have knowledge of SEO, you will be able to market your business online for free. That sounds like a very valuable skillset to have.

What is wrong with normal SEO courses on the market?

There is no shortage of SEO courses on the market that make the same claims as we do. Some might even claim to make you the best SEO expert in the world. However, this claim just might be a bit far-fetched and dubious. Most SEO courses online are riddled with problems that leave you more confused about SEO than you were before taking them. There are many reasons for this, let’s take a look at some of them:

1- Designed by experts for experts – Most SEO courses online are designed by people who are SEO experts which is a good thing. You want to learn from someone who knows what they are talking about. The problem starts when these experts who create these SEO courses assume that you, the person taking their course have a basic understanding of the technical aspect of SEO. They are designed in a way that takes you straight to the main course and skips the starters. The main reason for you enrolling yourself in an SEO course is that you have no clue how SEO works. Many courses online just assume that you do know what SEO is and are interested in knowing about the advanced stuff. This is a big mistake and flaw since it does not help the person who is taking the SEO course in any way. You want to start from the bottom up. When you have a solid foundation, everything else starts to make more sense and comes easily to you. 

2- Jack of all trades master of none – Another common problem with most SEO courses online is that they try to do too many things. Some things are more important than others. Most SEO courses online try to tell you a little bit about everything. Instead of focusing on the things matter. SEO is a vast field, and if you think you can learn everything there is to learn about SEO from a single course then you are mistaken and if any course claims to do this, then beware they might be trying to scam you. You want to learn about the aspects of SEO that will help you drive more traffic to your website and bring more exposure to your brand. You want to improve your conversion rate and rank better for relevant keywords. That is the extent of the part of SEO that you want to learn from an online SEO course. You have no use for any unrelated information such as all the technical aspects and codes on which Google operates. Excessive information can often overshadow what is essential. The only reason that you are interested in SEO is that you want to improve your bottom line. If an SEO course can do everything but cannot help you with improving your bottom line, then it is frankly useless for your intent and purposes.

3- What is the game plan? – You can know everything there is to know about SEO from an SEO course but without the knowledge of how you are going to apply this information, what’s the point? Most SEO courses fail on giving you a solid strategy for SEO; all they do is fill your mind up with facts and figures about SEO. When what you need is a practical step by step game plan to apply your SEO knowledge that will help you rank better and drive traffic to your website. You need a to-do list for SEO where you can tick mark things and see their practical, measurable effect on your website and business. You can learn all the facts and information about SEO from YouTube, why did you pay good money for the SEO course then? Well, you paid money to get an actionable strategy for SEO and learn about the tips and tricks that experts use. If a course is not offering you that, then it is a waste of your time. This is a common theme with a lot of SEO courses that you will find online they will give you information, not knowledge.

If you are looking for an SEO course that has been designed to avoid all of these pitfalls and give you precisely what you need to know, then you might want to click here to learn more about the SEO course that is 100% worth your time and money. It has been designed by an SEO expert who will share his personal SEO tips and tricks with you. You will not be getting a vague and generalized lesson about SEO, what you will be getting is a personalized SEO experience that teaches you first and foremost the essential things that you need to know about SEO. 

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Ondrej Bartak

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