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Top 10 SEO Tips for 2021

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SEO Tips And Tricks

SEO seems to be a fleeting concept. Just as you think you think you have it figured out, it changes its form and becomes a new thing that seems completely foreign. And if I am being completely honest with you then it is not necessarily a bad thing. Change is good. It ensures that the playing field is level for everyone and at the end of the day quality comes out on top. The cream rises to the top. If the concept of SEO becomes stagnant then it will be easier for people to exploit it and let’s be honest, no one wants that. So, it is important to keep yourself updated on all the latest developments in the world of SEO to make sure that you can adapt to the changes and make sure that your website ranks well. To help you do this we have complied a list of the best SEO tricks that you can use to adapt to the changes for 2021. Let’s get into it.

  1. Improve the content that you already have – This is probably the least painstaking and labor-intensive way to make sure that your website has the best SEO possible. It is exceedingly rare to have something perfect on the first attempt. This is especially true when it comes to the first draft of the content that you have published on your website or blog. It is almost inevitable that you are going to miss certain key SEO points and subtopics. These subtopics that you are not covering in your content can affect your rank results. So, just take a step back and revisit your older content see if there is anything that you can modify or add to make your content rank for additional related keywords that are popular at the moment. Editing content is certainly less time consuming that producing new content from scratch. This might turn out to be a great way to make sure that your content ranks for more keywords and shows up in more search results.
  2. Email everyone – if you don’t know this by now then you should know that link building is crucial to SEO. It is one of the core fundamentals that determine the ranking of your website or blog. Having an organic and vast portfolio of backlinks is necessary for you to have a favorable ranking for your website. That being said link building can seem like an incredibly daunting task when you are staring out. It is can be overwhelming scoping out potential leads that you want to target for links. The process is a long and arduous one where you have to find leads, analyze them and get their email addresses before you finally try to convince them to link to your website. And at the end of all this it all really depends on the person that you contact whether they will link to you or not. There must be a better way of doing this, right? Well, there is. Instead of spending so much time in trying to find quality leads why don’t you email everyone you that you want to link to your website. Sometimes casting a wider net can help you catch more fish.
  3. Internal links are integral – Internal links are links that direct the user from one page of your webpage to another. Not only does it make the navigation of your website more user friendly, but it also makes sure that the link authority of your website is distributed evenly throughout. There is another benefit of doing this, it is perhaps the most important one. The anchor text of your internal links helps search engines understand the context of your content. This is very important especially as more and more search engines are transitioning to NLP SEO techniques. Normally, when you publish a new page it is devoid of any kind of internal links. You can add internal links to these new pages with minimal effort and this will allow you to rank better. A simple yet highly effective SEO technique for 2021.
  4. Audit your content – You don’t need to audit every bit of content everyday but doing a quarterly or annual audit of your content can really help you get a better understanding of what is working and what is not. While adding new content is crucial, it is equally important to make sure that your existing content is up to make. Doing an audit let’s you understand if there is anything that can be improved for SEO. The findings of your audit session are going to help you move forward in the right direction. You can update your existing content to make sure that it is optimized to it’s full potential and the insight that you gain from it can help you tweak your SEO strategy as well. It is a win-win situation.
  5. Blog posts can be repurposed – Don’t be afraid to go back and change things around. People enjoy different forms of media. It is good for attention retention of the visitor to your website or blog to have multiple forms of media. It grabs the attention of the visitor and keeps them engaged with your content. If you have an interesting blogpost which has a formidable number of organic views and then it is the perfect choice for repurposing maybe you can turn it into a video. By doing so you will definitely attract more visitors. And isn’t that the whole point of SEO?
  6. Keep an eye on the backlinks of the content that is not performing – It can be frustrating to see your content being outperformed by competitors even when you can see that your content is more valuable and even better has better SEO. The main cause of this can be backlinks maybe your competitors are using better quality backlinks in their content which is why they are ranking better. The only way around it is to conduct an analysis on your competitors’ content and figure out which backlinks are giving them an edge. You then need to use this information and see if you can get any of these backlinks incorporated in your content as well. This will do wonders for the ranking and performance of your content.
  7. Is anything slowing your website down? – The loading speed of your website is a critical factor for SEO. If you want your page to rank well then you need to make sure that your website has minimal loading time. This might seem like a bit of a technical thing, but you need to make sure that there is nothing on your website that might cause it load slower. If you can find anything that might be affecting the loading time, the best course of action is to remove it or replace it with something that will be kinder to the load time. If you have any doubts about the importance of load times when it comes to SEO then know that data has shown a 1 second delay can result in 7% less conversion rate. That’s a lot to lose because of just one second. So, it might be a good time to take an in-depth look at all the aspects of your website and shave off any unnecessary parts that might be making your website slower. You want your website to load instantaneously if you are looking to rank.
  8. Forget about bots – This is recent change that has shaken the SEO world. Major search engines such as Google have started to place a greater emphasis on the use of NLP in their search results through the use of AI such as BERT. What this essentially means is that everything that you used to do to please the crawlers and bots is now pretty much redundant. Your content will rank on a different criteria now and that criteria is how valuable your content is. If your content is written with the end users in mind, then the NLP AI is going to favor it over the content that has been crafted to please the crawlers and bots instead of actual humans. With the focus shifting from a few key factors that can be exploited to AI which judges the conciseness and intent of your content to rank it, your job has become easier in a way. You have to worry less about technicalities and focus more on giving the most value to your end users. The basics of SEO still apply but NLP has changed the game when it comes to what good SEO content looks like. So, just make sure that your content is produced with the end users in mind instead of bots.
  9. Use keywords wisely – We all know that keywords have to be used in your content to make sure that it has a shot at ranking. But the area that many people struggle with is when and where to use these keywords. Some people tend to bombard their content with the keyword to the point where it becomes obvious that they are trying to force the keyword in every other sentence. Contrary to popular belief it does not benefit you in any way. In fact, it does the opposite. It can harm the SEO of your content. You want to use the keywords that you are trying to target in an organic manner where they seem natural and go with the general flow of your content. Previously you might have even gotten away with abusing the keywords but as search engines are becoming smarter and incorporating the use of AI the right usage of keywords has taken paramount importance for good SEO. If you use your keyword in the title of your content, the URL of your content, in the first paragraph of your content and sparingly scatter it throughout the body that is enough. Anymore and it would be picked up by the AI and that is not good news for you.
  10. Delete redundant pages – if you have filler content on your website that is just there for the sake of content then it might be time to get rid of these pages. If a page is not bringing in any traffic, then it is useless for you. Don’t think that it is adding anything to your website. It might be affecting your ranking in a negative way, delete it. Your goal should be to have a website which provides value to the end user in every way. Redundant pages don’t add any value to your website and in some cases they might even turn some visitors off and cause them to lose interest. Now, this is something that you want to avoid at all costs. You do not want the visitors to click on your website and lose interest quickly, you want to them to stay on your website for as long as possible. Dead and redundant pages are not going to help you in any way to achieve that goal. Only keep the pages that are catching the interest of the end user and bringing in traffic everything else needs to go.

We hope that this article helps you improve the SEO of your website and give you some insight into how you need to tweak your SEO strategy to best work in 2021. There have been some major changes made to how popular search engines such as Google work now and you need to change your SEO approach accordingly to rank your website the best you can. That being said there is no need to feel overwhelmed or worry the direction that modern SEO is going seems to be more natural and user friendly. So, all in all these changes might be for the good. Best of luck!

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